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We believe that mobile application development should not cost you big money. That's why we offer package alternatives where you can choose the most suitable scope for you and let you determine your needs. The number of applications, the number of notifications, the availability of advertising features, whether you request telephone support or whether you have API access are the determinants of these types of packages, which are prepared for each sector, the size of the enterprise and the different needs.

Android and IOS can be evaluated regardless of these packages provide convenience to many different types of business. The ability to choose from hundreds of design templates lets you choose from professional design packages, whether you're a music group or a real estate office, while saving you from resembling the same business.

You may also need multiple applications if you want to make communication not only for your customers but also within your team, to be able to communicate on a special platform, to publish announcements easily, and to send notifications to inform them of special and emergency situations. When you choose such a multi-application package, you will also have document support and you will always be able to benefit from our support and you will not pay big differences..